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i40 Publishing is the print-arm of the i40 Community. We publish books about music, largely the alternative music around which the community is focused. The world of independent music can be quite niche, so we don’t expect to be challenging the big publishing houses for best sellers, or having our books filling the racks of Waterstones.

We aren’t interested in making huge profits to line the pockets of those involved. In much the same spirit of the independent music scene, we aspire to give a platform to writers who might not get a sniff from the big guns because they are writing about a subject matter that may only resonate to a hundred or so people, and we want to do this fairly. You won’t find us selling our books on Amazon.

In fact, we don’t sell through bookshops generally but that’s for a different reason: by selling direct through our shop, we are able to maximise net income and pay our writers a 50% royalty. The other 50% goes on mundane things like buying bookmarks and badges to send with the books, buying ISBN numbers and barcodes, paying deposits on print runs, and 10% of our annual net profit is donated to music-related charity.

i40 Publishing books can be purchased direct from the i40 webstore.

The i40 Publishing catalogue

i40B-001 Capturing The Wry by John Hartley SOLD OUT

Paperback. 144pp, 190x129mm. £8.99

In this autobiographical tale John – better known as Johny Nocash – takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of unsigned band The Irony Board. Described at the time by renowned music journalist Martin Aston as “bittersweet, naive, hook-lined, captivating, unpretentious, clever – but not clever-clever – and deserving of more widespread attention”. ‘Capturing The Wry’ describes the band’s tales of love, lust and signing on across the north west of England. With forewords by Merric Davidson (editor of Toppermost.co.uk) and Steve Williamson (EIO40 kingpin), copies of the book are accompanied by a free bonus CD of studio recordings of the tracks featured within the book, digitally remastered especially for this publication.


i40B-002 The i40 Music Journal LIMITED COPIES REMAINING

Hardback. 240pp, 210x148mm. £10.99

The ultimate interactive music journal. 4 pages per week covering 52 weeks to record your musical experiences for an entire year. Start and pause at your own pace. Let’s face it, most of us can’t do without a list, and this journal will help you keep those lists for posterity. Within the pages you will find space to record your Top 5s on an array of themes, earworms, gigs, tracks you’ve heard on the radio, songs, albums or artists recommended to you…

There are scrapbook pages for cuttings, flyers, gig tickets and the like, and there’s even some suggested listening from the community, for those days when you want to hear something different – from classics to new bands


i40B-003 The Great Leap Forward SOLD OUT

Paperback. 92pp, 210x148mm. £6.99

Everything has a beginning; what makes the introduction to ‘indie’ so important is that ‘indie’ wasn’t ever just about music. it was about a way of life. This book is about celebrating those second beginnings, those new starts, that great leap forward when people first formally embraced the change in culture that would come to define their adult lives. These are moments so precise, so special, so individual, and yet every one of us can relate to them. They are our stories, the events that channelled our lives away from the mainstream. The Great Leap Forward collates tales from the online music community Everything Indie Over 40 (EIO40), a social media celebration of the alternative music scene.


i40B-004 Every Record Tells A Story  – A Vinyl Handbook by Steve Carr AVAILABLE

Paperback. 208pp, 210x148mm. £9.99

Pick up a record. Take it out of the sleeve. Dust it down. Place it on the turntable. Play. Enjoy. Easy isn’t it. But have you ever thought about the journey from the songwriter to artist to vinyl? The experiences, adventures and emotions that lead to your ears? That’s a bit more complicated… ‘Every Record Tells A Story’ is the debut publication from Steve Carr (BBC4, Pop Charts Britannia, Record Collector, Classic Rock and the ERTAS blog). With a foreword written by Pete Paphides, Steve’s vinyl handbook is a must-read for everyone with an interest in the artists behind the music.


i40B-005 Bigger Than The Beatles – the 1990s through the bands that could have been… by Matt Bozeat COMING SOON

Paperback. 228pp, 210x148mm. £7.99

Matt shifts his focus from boxing and darts to a subject just as close to his heart: the alternative music scene of the 1990s. The history of a number of bands touted by the music media as ‘the next big thing’ is presented by Matt through his own interviews, whilst adding his own personal recollections of the decade. Featuring a foreword by Hank Starrs (Animals That Swim), the book contains the stories of bands who came close (My Life Story, Mega City Four) and those whose star didn’t shine quite as brightly in the end (The Bardots, Campag Velocet).



On the horizon…

The Book of BOB by John Hartley

The Freedom Road Records Story by Russell Barker


i40 Publishing books can be purchased direct from the i40 webstore.

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Email: i40Publishing@gmail.com

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