Here we divert our attention away from the artists and bands and shine a light on some of those individuals whose contributions in our social media world have been an invaluable source of musical joy. By asking a series of 10 questions we want to get inside the mind of a selected community member and understand their indie DNA.


In this edition – Dalliance68

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Shoplifters of the world unite, for today we shall be meeting that man with the Filofax and endless collection of gig tickets. On twitter we know him as @Dalliance68 and every morning we await with anticipation the appearance of that infamous James R Reid photo of Elvis crashing onto our Twitter feed. Discovering what gig ticket or gig memory Dalliance68 may share that day has become bit of a breakfast time ritual. Something to enjoy while we have our cornflakes and a lovely cup of rosey lee.

We are absolutely convinced that Dalliance68 has been to a gig on every calendar day of a year and we are determined to test this theory. You mark our words! As for that infamous Filofax full of carefully recorded gig attendances. Dalliance68 has restored credibility to a much maligned relic of the 1980s. For that the world should rejoice.

So without further ado, let’s meet Dalliance68

1) Where did you grow up?

Harrow in North West London. A fairly unremarkable place.

2) What first got you into “indie” music?

It was December 1983. There I was in my bedroom watching my portable black and white TV. I was doing what would now be called ‘channel hopping’ which was then tuning in the TV via a dial on the front (youngsters ask your parents). As I did so I came across The Old Grey Whistle Test showing a Smiths gig from Derby. I was transfixed.

What was this? Who were these people? A singer waving flowers singing in a way that I’d never heard before, words and phrases that immediately distanced this band from everything else I’d heard up until then.  A guitarist that just looked like the coolest bloke I’d ever seen playing guitar lines that were mesmerizing. A crowd going berserk, throwing flowers and jumping over the stage. It’s been mentioned since by a number of people but I couldn’t reference the sound, it was new exciting and the most incredible music I’d ever heard. I never looked back; it was indie music and nothing else from that moment on.

3) What was the first “indie” record you bought?

Well, my first ever vinyl purchase was Elvis Costello’s ‘Oliver’s Army’ which I suppose is a bit indie. Otherwise I think it was probably ‘Love Will Tear us Apart’

4) What was your favourite record shop?

I have fond memories of Our Price in Harrow, this is where I used to turn up mid-morning on the date of Smiths singles releases. After a while I knew when the brown boxes of singles would be delivered, I’d then approach the counter probably wearing a Smiths t-shirt and cardigan and ask for whichever single was being released that day. As the assistant went to look for it I’d tell them it was in the brown box, I’d then get a pristine copy prior to any price stickers being added. Then home where I’d listen to it constantly for hours on end.

I also liked HMV in Oxford Street where I’d rush to in order to secure The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade singles.

5) What music magazines did you read?

It was NME and Melody Maker with occasional Sounds purchases. I had a couple of letters published in the NME. One asked whether I was the only person in the country who didn’t like ‘OK Computer’. Apparently I was. The second letter was one pointing out how Paul Heaton was beginning to resemble Ron Dixon of Brookside fame. I wasn’t the only one to spot it however, they printed my letter second and then berated me for not being first telling me I was going to “die in a pool of whisky piss” Charming.

6) What was your first “indie” gig?

My first ‘indie’ gig was my first ever gig. March 21st 1986 Red Wedge at Hammersmith Odeon. The line-up was Lorna G, Blow Monkeys (it gets better), Communards, Billy Bragg and The Style Council. A great night which not only turned me into a big Billy Bragg fan it opened my mind to left wing politics and inspired me to play the guitar. I’ve still got the programme.

7) What was your most memorable “indie” gig? And why?

This was a difficult one.  I’ll plump for the indiest line up I’ve ever experienced. Reading Festival in August  1990. The line-up that day was Psychic TV, Wire, The Young Gods, Ride, Billy Bragg, Buzzcocks, The Wedding Present and Inspiral Carpets. The headliners were fantastic, the highlight being the marching band that came on during ‘She Comes in the Fall’. Mooooo!!!

8) What 3 “indie” albums would you take to a desert island?

This is making my head hurt…….
The Smiths ‘The Queen is Dead’ for its sheer perfection
My Bloody Valentine ‘Loveless’ because there’s nothing like it
The Fall – I Am Kurious Oranj
I’ll have to move on quickly before I realise I haven’t included Half Man Half Biscuit, The Wedding Present, R.E.M, Inspiral Carpets etc etc etc

9) What “indie” band/artist would you most like to meet?

Nigel Blackwell of Half Man Half Biscuit. Genius

10) What one song defines your indie-ness?

‘Dalliance’ by The Wedding Present. The perfect mix of quiet and loud. It also conjures up memories of throwing myself round various venues in London

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A huge thank you to Dalliance68 for taking part. Hope you enjoyed this insight into his indie-ness.

You could be next.