Here we divert our attention away from the artists and bands and shine a light on some of those individuals whose contributions in our social media world have been an invaluable source of musical joy. By asking a series of 10 questions we want to get inside the mind of a selected community member and understand their indie DNA.


In this edition – Sandy Wishart (@_sandywishart)

Sandy Wishart

We’d always considered Sandy somewhat aloof which is why he was in our Meet The Community cross hairs. We’ve been staring at the back of that T Shirt for over a year now and in the early days that Twitter profile pic was pretty much all we had to go on. The man didn’t even have a banner photo let alone any sort of bio (still doesn’t).

We suspected he was Scottish on the basis we’ve never come across anyone called Sandy who isn’t Scottish (apart from Olivia Newton-John). In addition, the reference to avalanche on the tee could refer to the infamous Edinburgh record shop. Careful scrutinisation of the pic also reveals what looks like a Biff Bang Pow! poster on the wall, so there was no doubting his indie pedigree.

However, we have been delighted to witness Sandy gradually coming out of his shell and becoming a valued member of the community. His Twitter feed still doesn’t reveal much about the man, but we have learnt that he is the proud father of at least two daughters and sadly no longer the owner he once was of an extensive music collection. We just hope that being a part of this community hasn’t aggravated the obvious sense of loss.

So without further ado, let’s meet Sandy Wishart

1) Where did you grow up?

Broxburn. Small town 12 miles west of Edinburgh.

2) What first got you into “indie” music?

Mostly down to my friend Mo. A group of us travelled together to college and Mo would supply the tape for the car. I did like some decent music prior to this but here was some proper indie.

3) What was the first “indie” record you bought?

Probably Bouncing Babies by Teardrop Explodes on Zoo. Early 88 I think, before I went full blown indie in 89. After I bought Doolittle there was no looking back.

4) What was your favourite record shop?

Avalanche Records in Edinburgh. They’re still going although they’ve moved a few times. I remember the first time I went, with Mo, who bought the new release by The Fall; I Am Kurious Oranj. Can’t remember what I bought but pretty soon I was going regularly as it was the best place to go for indie music. Still is.

5) What music magazines did you read?

NME, Melody Maker, Sounds, Select, Vox, Q. Didn’t buy them all every week or month. Depended on which bands were featured or who had the best free mixtape.

6) What was your first “indie” gig?

Mega City Four at the Calton Studios, Edinburgh in 89 with my best friend Colin @sauzee7273. Saw them 4 times; a fantastic live band and one of the first bands I got into after Pixies opened the indie floodgates

7) What was your most memorable “indie” gig? And why?

Went to a lot of great gigs. Trying to think of one that stands out. There was Reading 92 or the Swervedriver £1 gig with lots of Red Stripe & falling over but I’m going to go with Biffy Clyro at the SECC on their Opposites tour. This was my eldest daughter Emily’s first gig. Near the end she turned to me and said “thanks Dad, this is the best night of my life”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

8) What 3 “indie” albums would you take to a desert island?

Only 3; that’s harsh. Pixies – Doolittle, American Music Club – California, Husker Du – New Day Rising. Would probably pick Doolittle plus a different other 2 tomorrow.

9) What “indie” band/artist would you most like to meet?

Kim Deal would be cool.

10) What one song defines your indie-ness?

Sebadoh – Gimme Indie Rock. Just gimme indie rock and I’m a happy man.

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A huge thank you to Sandy Wishart for taking part. Hope you enjoyed this insight into his indie-ness.

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