My Life Story

I’ve never been to a high school reunion. I’d be too worried that the people I really liked wouldn’t be there, and that if they were they’d just turn out to be people I no longer had anything in common with.

My Life Story have just released a new single. Like, brand new, from a crowdfunded album. It’s a worry: have they grown older gracefully? Are they trying to pretend they’re exactly the same as when we last met? Have they turned into the musical equivalent of a Tory party activist? Will I still like them?

#NoFilter dispels those worries. They are exactly like they should be: instantly identifiable with their more youthful selves, but with the necessary restraint. All the things I loved about them are still present – the strings, the brass, the voice, just with measured maturity. #NoFilter sounds miles better than the theme tune to the next Bond movie, which is exactly how a My LifeStory song should sound.

Would I buy this if I was twenty years younger? Probably not. Would I buy it now? Absolutely. I’m not exactly the same person I was then either, and I’d be worried if I was.

Listen for yourself.

#NoFilter is out now on streaming and download platforms visible through this link:



John Hartley is the author of “Capturing The Wry”, an autobiographical tale of the unsigned side of the music industry, published by i40Publishing and available here. After spending the best part of twenty five years trying to write the perfect pop song he has also turned his attention to writing about those who have done a much better job at it. He tweets as @JohnyNocash and gives away his music, generally for free, at Broken Down Records.


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