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Meritorio Records in Spain has been gaining a reputation on the indie scene for releasing some fantastic records by the likes of Mallone Alone, Poppel and Cool Sounds (and huge thanks to Josh Meadows and his radio show It’s A Jangle Out There on Main FM in Australia for playing these acts and bringing them to my attention) and this reputation is likely to continue to grow with the forthcoming release of the second album “Struck Gold” by Sprinters.

Sprinters are a trio based in Wigan and definitely have their own sound developing. Their self titled debut from 2017 showed promise with a traditional indie pop sound, but seemed tentative. It seems Sprinters have found their own distinctive voice based on the evidence of the first single from the new album – “Ending” showed a band more confident in themselves, a brasher sound highlighting a noisier edge and a drone pop sensibility. 

The new single “3s and 4s” (released on 18th October) reigns back on the feedback and noise to concentrate on the melodic lead guitar part which snakes through the song (think Andy Bell’s lead on “Like a daydream”) and the guitars jangle yet bite too and the band sound more integrated and focussed. The vocals are smothered in reverb and may hide secrets of their own, but have enough power to reach through to listeners. The chorus is simple and immediately hooks into the memory banks, and the song haunts in a good way. A few listens in and the song will be stuck with you forever. 

Given the evidence of “3s and 4s” and “Ending” I think Sprinters are definitely a band to watch for, and I’m looking forward immensely to the release of “Struck Gold” in November. They have coalesced as a band and are creating some of the loveliest dream pop you’ll hear this year. Give it a try and see what you think – highly recommended

Sprinters “3s & 4s” is released 18th October. You can purchase it here and pre-order the album (released 15th Nov)

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