Those who follow us on Twitter will know all about The IndieOver40 Cup. Since February 64 selected indie bands have been battling a knock out tournament. Each match has been decided by followers tweeting photos of memorabilia, sharing memories and their favourite songs with the most popular progressing to the next round. Each match day has been overseen by a guest referee chosen from the community.

The final took place on Sunday 5th July between The Wedding Present and The Charlatans and won eventually after a gruelling hard fought day by The Wedding Present.

If you would like to learn more about The IndieOver40 Cup then please read this superb blog by @Miss_D_xx “The IndieOver40 Cup – A View From The Terraces”

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved and made the Cup a fantastic event. From the hard working guest referees to the contributors who have shared their photos, favourite songs, memories and anecdotes. It is because of them the cup has been an enjoyable event.

Below are the rounds of The IndieOver40 Cup which provides a perfect snapshot of the whole tournament.

Our thanks to Dawn Bovingdon (@Miss_D_xx) for producing this work of art.


  • Cup Rounds Final
  • Cup Rounds 1st half
  • Cup Rounds 2nd half

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